Best Summer Jobs For Teens

Summer jobs are part-time or temporary jobs that students or teens do during the summer vacation. Summer jobs are not just a way for teens to earn money but also they teach some very important life lessons, such as the value of money, to students as well as help them gain experience and confidence. This is why families in the US and many European countries encourage their kids to join summer jobs during their vacations.

Even though the popularity of summer jobs has somewhat decreased over the past some years, as parents and students are now focusing more on learning rather than working in the summer, there are still more than 40% American teens who hold some kind of job during their summer vacations, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While most teens work during the summer just to make extra money and gain some work experience doing so, it is important to do the work that actually complicates your skills and interests and can help you build a future on it. For instance, a summer internship as a Graphic Designer can be greatly helpful in teaching you the skills and knowledge that will help you build a solid career in this field. So, choose wisely.

Importance of Summer Jobs

While many teens prefer to spend their hard-earned vacations having fun or learning some skills, others opt to work during the summer. Holding a summer job has many benefits, in addition to being a way to earn some extra pocket money. Here’s why summer jobs are important and why teens should be working during summer vacations.

1. Financial Independence

By working in the summer, you can earn a decent income to take care of your personal expenses as well as arrange money for future expenses such as college education or business. This way you do not have to rely on or become a burden on your parents.

2. Spend your holidays during something meaningful

Summer jobs are also beneficial in terms of teaching you a lot about life values and lessons. Rather than wasting your time during the summer, you can spend it doing something constructive, paving way for your future.

3. Job experience

Another great benefit of summer jobs is that they give you credible experience as well as knowledge of a field, which you can use to build a future on it.

4. Financial Education

The best way to teach your kids the value and importance of money is by giving them an opportunity to work for it. Summer jobs are the best in this regard, as they can teach them about earning, saving and other important money lessons.

Other than that, summer jobs are known to instill valuable traits such as punctuality and responsibility in students. Many studies show that students who work part-time or during the holidays usually turn out to become more responsible and do well in their academics.

What kind of Summer Job is right for you?

Well, first of all, you need to decide whether your focus is more on learning or earning. If you prefer to learn more and money is not a constraint, you should rather go for summer internships than a job. However, if you are looking to make decent money while learning something meaningful, there are many high-paying summer jobs you can choose from.

Here are some factors you can consider while choosing the right summer job for you.

  • Pay: Most of the summer internships are unpaid, however, if you are looking to get paid decently, you can always do a job you love.
  • Future perspective: If becoming career-ready or learning an actual skill is your primary concern, you should certainly go with an internship, paid or unpaid.
  • Experience: If you want to build a career in a specific industry, for instance, as a writer or as a cook, summer jobs are the best way to gain experience for the same.
  • Entrepreneur: If you love the idea of becoming your own boss, learn a new skill or take the next step towards your dream of starting your own business this summer.
  • Interest: Summer jobs are all about trying and learning. Make sure to give your interest or hobby a try to see if it can turn out into something good.
  • Skills: Love singing or dancing? Explore your options and give yourself a try by joining an internship.

The Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Now that all is said and done, let’s discuss the best options you have for summer jobs near you. As a US-based teen, you literally have many job and internship options to choose from, depending on your location. In a big city/state like New York or L.A., you can easily find high-paying summer jobs, however, the opportunities may be limited in a small American city. Here are some of the best summer work options to choose from.

Note: These jobs are meant for teenagers, within the age range of 13-20 years, but can be exercised by the elderly as well.

1. Babysitting

Babysitting Items (Teen Jobs)

Minimum age: 13
Starting salary: $11 per hour
Hours per week: 15-20

Babysitting is widely considered as one of the best jobs for teens that pay. So, if you are good at handling kids and want to get paid for the same, the babysitting job is for you. Families with both working parents are often looking for caring and experienced babysitters. This is one of the highest paying part-time jobs and also an easy one, given that you have some experience with kids. If you are serious about the job, you can even consider signing up with an agency to help you find customers and/or taking a class like Red Cross safety training to help improve the pay.

2. Food delivery person

Food Delivery Boy

Minimum age: 16
Starting salary: $14-15 per hour
Hours per week: 20-25 (flexible)

If you own a bike and have a Driver’s license, you can apply to become a food/pizza delivery person with one of the restaurants in your area. Most of the restaurants today seem to be providing home delivery services and need experienced drivers for the job. As a food delivery person, you can even work in flexible hours, such as in the nights and evenings and on weekends as well.

3. Receptionist

Receptionist Job

Minimum age: 16
Starting salary: $15-19 per hour
Hours per week: 25-30

If you live in a big city like NYC (New York City) or Chicago, it should not be very difficult to find a good paying job as a receptionist, especially when you’re a girl. Female receptionists are high in demand. Almost all the big and small firms need receptionists to handle tasks such as customer care, answering calls, customer registration, filling up forms, etc. Some of the places where you can find work as a receptionist include a dentist office, IT office, courier office, or virtually any business which has an office.

4. Ticket Agent at Movie Theatre

Ticket Agent

Minimum age: 14
Starting salary: $7-10 per hour
Hours per week: 25-30, flexible

The primary role of a ticket agent at a movie theatre is to issue tickets to the customers, however, you can expect to have to do other related tasks such as cleaning, management, catering, etc. It is a good enough job overall and the pay is also satisfactory. Especially if you’re a movie buff, this job can get you occasional access to movie screenings as well as free movie tickets.

5. Spot boy

Minimum age: 15
Starting salary: $10 per hour
Hours per week: 30-40

This is another interesting job for those who love movies or being around movie actors, directors, etc. A spot boy is a person who acts as a helper at a shooting location. The duties of a Spot Boy include but are not limited to taking care of the actors and other movie staff, technicians, etc., supplying and shifting things, setting up the stage, helping with makeup and other things. The salary is usually good and you get to learn a lot about movies, actors and the movie-making process in general if this is something that interests you.

6. Music Teacher

Musician (Music Teacher)

Minimum age: 15
Starting salary: $11 per hour
Hours per week: 15

If you have expertise in playing a particular musical instrument or in dancing, you can teach the same to others and get paid handsomely. Of course, it will be a temporary job and you can decide your own working hours. The demand for Piano teachers, dancing teachers and other music teachers, in general, is always high and so is the pay. On average, a music teacher in the United States earns an hourly wage of $20 to $40 (source: CareerExplorer). It is usually easier to find a music tutor job in big cities like Houston and Philadelphia as compared to small towns.

7. Waiter or Bartender


Minimum age: 14 (18 for Bartender)
Starting salary: $5 per hour (excluding tips)
Hours per week: 25-30

While many big restaurants usually have age criteria of 18 years for this kind of job, you can easily manage to find a job as a waiter/bartender in a local, small-time restaurant. The job is exciting and full of opportunities, especially for those teens who want to make a career in the restaurant industry. It will give you exposure to the restaurant environment and service industry in general, while at the same time enabling you to meet various people who are engaged in this business.

8. Non-profit Organization

Minimum age: 15
Starting salary: $5 per hour
Hours per week: 20-25

If you are looking to spend your summer vacation doing something meaningful, there is no better option than joining an NGO or non-profit organization. You can expect to get paid in the range of $5 to $20 per hour, depending on what kind of work you’re doing in the organization. However, the service should be your first priority rather than money if you are joining a non-profit. Moreover, you can always find an NGO where you can serve as per your interest like teaching or dancing.

9. Tutor


Minimum age: 14
Starting salary: $8 per hour
Hours per week: 25

The job of a tutor is to teach. If you are good at a particular subject or in academics and passionate about teaching others, you can take a part-time summer job as a teacher. Tutors are always in high demand, and the best thing is that you can teach online as well. Moreover, the experience will help immensely if you ever want to become a full-time teacher. The average salary of a tutor in the United States is $15.02, according to

10. Helper at a Club


Minimum age: 16
Starting salary: $5 per hour
Hours per week: 25-30

There are different kinds of clubs where you can get a temporary job as a helper. Depending on the type of club you join, the salary may range from $5 to $50 per hour. Some options include hotel club, sports club, golf club, entertainment club, gym club, etc. As there is more than one variety, you can even choose a club as per your personal hobby or interest.

11. Summer camp job

Summer Camp

Minimum age: 15
Starting salary: $5-$9 per hour, depending on the job type
Hours per week: 25-30

Summer camps are activity and adventure camps conducted for children and kids to help them utilize their summer vacations learning meaningful things like friendship and teamwork while, at the same time, having fun. A job at a summer camp can be both exciting and learning. Some of the options include teacher, safety instructor, cook, camp counselor, maintenance work, activity manager, etc.

12. At a Grocery Store

Grocery Store

Minimum age: 15-16
Starting salary: $7-$10 per hour
Hours per week: 20-25, flexible

Grocery stores are common in every city, irrespective of the size and location. And these stores frequently hire help in the form of a cashier, store manager, customer assistance, bagger, stocker, etc. Big stores like Walmart have age criteria of 16 years for this kind of job, however, some local and small stores may allow relaxation in that. This is a wonderful job if you like to interact with people and ultimately want to make a career in the customer service industry, as you’ll learn a lot while working at a grocery shop.

13. Library Assistant

Books in a library

Minimum age: 15
Starting salary: $4-5 per hour
Hours per week: 20-30

As a library assistant, you’ll be assisting library customers with tasks like book selection, book issuance and return, etc., but do not expect much social interaction. So, if you are a bookworm like me, you should definitely love this job. It is clean and low-stress and you get to spend a lot of time around books, if that’s something you like to do. Libraries naturally offer great working and learning environment for kids/teens. Interested yet? Ask your local library for the procedure to apply for a job the next time you visit.

14. Golf Caddy


Minimum age: 16
Starting salary: $10 per hour
Hours per week: 10-15

A caddy or caddie is the person who helps a golf player on the course by carrying his bags, clubs, etc. and giving useful insights of the field. The job can be interesting or boring, depending on whether you love the game of golf. A good caddy must be familiar with the golf course and should be able to offer helpful tips and guide to the player. The pay may be as high as $100 per day (carrying two bags for one loop or 18 holes) or even more, excluding the tips. So, it is certainly one of the highest-paying summer jobs one can do.

15. Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mower Teen Job

Minimum age: 12
Starting salary: $10-$20 per hour
Hours per week: 15-20

As a lawn mowing person, you’ll be mowing lawns and whacking weeds. This may not be as exciting as other summer jobs, but it pays well. And the best thing is that you can easily find one in your neighborhood. You can expect to earn around $40 to $60 for completing each lawn mowing task which usually takes around 2 hours. However, the cost of buying and maintaining the tools can be significant, so, it’d be better if you already have the tools or can borrow them from someone for the summer. The demand for this kind of job is high, so you better start approaching potential clients early in the spring.

16. Lifeguard

Lifeguard Beach

Minimum age: 15
Starting salary: $7-$8 per hour
Hours per week: 25-30, flexible

The job of a lifeguard is not easy. One needs to be very responsible to do this job, as they might have to deal with life and death situations. However, it is exciting and adventurous. You can also expect to spend most of your time sitting around, but when the duty calls, you should be ready and committed. Most pools, water parks, and beaches require teens to complete Red Cross lifeguard certification before they can work as a professional lifeguards, but that’s the easy part. It is the job which is actually challenging and can sometimes entail high stress.

17. Dishwasher/Cook at a Restaurant

Dishwasher Teen

Minimum age: 15-16
Starting salary: $7 per hour
Hours per week: 25

If you love to cook food and are good at it, finding a part-time job as a cook in a local restaurant near you should not be very difficult. It can be a wonderful opportunity for you to learn the real-life ethics and challenges of working as a professional cook or chef in a restaurant. Teens can expect to earn as high as $15 per hour from this job, depending on their cooking skills. However, if you do not have that particular skill, you can always join as a dishwasher, cleaner or waiter in any small or big restaurant/cafeteria.

18. Web Developer/ Designer/ Writer


Minimum age: 13
Starting salary: $7-$10
Hours per week: 25-30, Flexible

This is another skill-based job that you can learn to do this summer. If you are interested in office-based jobs such as web development, designing or content writing, you can try your hand at a summer internship in this field. Or if you already possess any of these skills, you can start working with a company as an intern. This will be a wonderful way to get a good exposure of the industry and the working environment of an office job, which can also help you decide whether or not you actually want to make a career in it.

19. Washing Cars

Car wash job

Minimum age: 14
Starting salary: $5-$8
Hours per week: 10-15

This is one of those jobs that are not very exciting to do but pay good enough, just like mowing lawns. Also, they are easy to find, as every car owner needs help with washing their cars and are willing to pay for that. As a teen, you can easily find cars to wash in your local neighborhood or can even join a local car wash service. Along with washing cars, you can also try your hand at the repairing work, if it is something that interests you.

20. Freelancer


Minimum age: 10+
Starting salary: $5-$10 per hour
Hours per week: As per your convenience

If you have been searching for an online job to do this summer, freelancing may be your best option. The thing with freelancing is that you can provide a range of services without even having to move from your chair. The options include Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Online Marketer, Customer Support Executive, PR Consultant, Content Writer, Editor, Voice Talent, Transcriber, etc. So, if you are good at any of these things, you can start selling your services right away. Websites like Upwork and Fiverr can help you find the work.

What else?

If you still haven’t found the right summer job for your particular interest or skill set, you can always search Google for part-time/ summer jobs and internship opportunities in your area. Feel free to share this post with your friends and schoolmates who you think may benefit from these summer jobs for teens.

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