Computer Repairs and Support

With over 10,000 new viruses reported per week, who wouldn't like the piece of mind that their data is safe?

Some viruses, such as trojans, will open up a back door in your system, allowing the maker to take over your machine. From there they can steal your data, or use your machine as part of a "bot-net" to attack more powerful systems. Others, known as scareware, will trick you into thinking that your computer is heavily infected. Once you pay the "anti-virus" maker, they now have your credit card information to do with as they please. At Amp'd PC, our goal is to ensure the safety of your data, and the health of your machine.

Sometimes a slow running machine is not due to viruses and malware, but rather a need for an upgrade. If you have many programs running at the same time, need more storage space, or are just looking to make your machine a speed-demon, look no further.

Online Pc Computer Tech Support

Sometimes you're just to busy or too far away to have a technician come to you. We can connect to your machine over the internet and assist you in any way we can.

Connect to a live technician right away and get 30 minutes of service for only

* additional time is billed at $25.00/15 minutes

$29.89Get connected right now!

Computer Networking
And Consulting

If you are looking to implement a new network infrastructure, or just upgrade your existing one, our knowledgeable staff will help you find a setup that best suits your needs.

Network Support

Need to be able to remotely connect your systems across multiple offices? Machine no longer connecting to the network? Our staff will have your network up and running quickly and efficiently.

Server Installation, Configuration,
and Support

Our technicians are experienced in deploying both Linux and Windows based servers. Whether for EMR systems, web hosting, or just general backups, Amp'd PC will have you up and running in no time.

Network Penetration Testing

Network security is very important in today's day and age. Once within your network, a malicious attacker can take over your entire network, steal sensitive data, or completely destroy your network. Our penetration testing service will look for vulnerabilities in your network, so that we may patch them and strengthen the security of your data.