Best Jobs for Teenagers in Ohio

As a teen you know it well that your expenses are only increasing as you grow older. Your allowance might not be enough now to buy the stuff you like regularly. This coming summer, you can easily solve this problem with a part time job. Ohio has numerous opportunities for teens who wish to work in the summer.

It is important to select a summer job that is convenient and interesting to you. This way, you will be able to earn money and learn more about your passion or hobby over the several weeks of summer.

Here’s a list we compiled of the best jobs for teenagers in Ohio:

Choose your field and apply

Expert job counselors stress on getting a job which you will love to do. It would be perfect if the summer job was related to one of your passions of hobbies. This makes the job immensely satisfying and stress free.


If you are the artistic type or can crank out something useful then there are several avenues for summer job for you in Ohio, such as:

  1. Tailor – If you have skills to alter clothes or stitch new ones, then becoming an apprentice tailor is an excellent choice for a summer job. Not only can you promote your work by designing/creating clothes for friends and family but you can sell your craft online (such as on Craigslist or eBay) as well as at local fairs and markets.
  2. T Shirt Designer – If you are more into fine arts and designing, then you can create unique and popular designer T-shirts and sell them online or at stall in markets. This is fast becoming one of the trendiest summer jobs for numerous teens on Ohio and across America.
  3. Web Comic Artist – Yet another exciting way for artists to monetize on their talent. It has become increasingly easy today to create your original online comics, complete with unique characters and storyline. You can never tell when your web comic might be featured in one of the renowned comic brands.


For the teens who love the outdoors and sports there are tons of summer job opportunities in Ohio. Check out some of the best outdoor summer jobs for teens:

  1. Summer Camp jobs – Teens who like to go camping will find it fun and a learning experience, working at a summer camp for younger kids. There are several positions, such as camp counselor, office staff, activity staff and maintenance staff that are regularly required in Ohio as summer starts. Check out the website for American Camp Association and you can get the best-suited summer job at a camp.
  2. Farm Hand – Teens in Ohio are normally used to seeing farms and have a basic knowledge of the chores that are needed to be done there. Being young and strong, you will find working as a farm hand for your summer job rewarding and a life-time experience. As a farm hand you are normally required to assist with the upkeep of the crop, weed removal, watering, cutting, collecting and transporting the produce to local markets or outlets.
  3. Nursery Worker – If you have significant inclination towards the flora, then a summer job as a nursery worker should be perfect for you. You would definitely enjoy weeding, planting, watering, transplanting and overall nurturing numerous beautiful and exotic flowers, shrubs and trees.


There are several top-paying summer jobs for teenagers who choose to work in sports-related part time jobs. There is a host of different positions that require young and energetic minds and bodies to do the task efficiently.

Check out some of the best summer job for teenagers who have a love of sports:

  1. Lifeguard – This is one of the most popular jobs for certified teenagers at pools and theme parks this summer in Ohio. Being a lifeguard comes with immense responsibilities. Not only should you be a strong swimmer and a certified one at that, you should be cool-headed and react to urgent situations in the most efficient and effective way. Lifeguards are responsible for maintaining overall discipline and enforcing regulations around swimming pools and other aquatic sites.
  2. Youth Sports Referee – This is another excellent choice for summer job for teens who love sports. With summer vacations on, Ohio sees little league and local teams play it out on the field. With a short certification course you can easily become an apprentice-level referee for several youth sports events. This could very well become your calling as a career in the future.
  3. Stadium Staff – As I said earlier, there are numerous games going on in Ohio when summer arrives. The stadiums and arenas around the state are in need of efficient and hard working teens to be part of their additional staff. There are several good paying positions as a stadium staff, such as food stall servers, maintenance staff, ticket sellers, souvenir sellers, concession stand employees, etc.


Today, with growing commercialization, there are numerous good opportunities for teens to get summer jobs at large business corporations. Many of these corporate positions do not require the candidate to have specific qualifications or skills. You can never tell when you might find your true career calling and in which industry once you start working your summer job at one of the large corporations in Ohio.

Check out the best summer jobs for teens in corporations in Ohio:

  1. Retail – Working in the retail sector is an exciting job for teens who are confident and convincing. Apart from actually selling the product or service, you might be tasked with stocking the display shelves, help customers find what they need at your store and even become a cashier handle the cash register.
  2. Food – Food and beverage industry is immense in Ohio. With thousands of pizza and burger stores, there is always need for reliable and hard working teens to work as chefs, cashiers, servers, maintenance staff, delivery persons, etc.
  3. Administrative – Teens who have a knack for accounting and organizing can also find numerous positions for summer jobs at corporations as admins, assistant accountants, etc. This is an excellent way to prepare for your career as a corporate manager in the future.

The above list should be able to help you to choose the best-suited summer job for you, as a teenager in Ohio.

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