Best Jobs for Teenagers in North Carolina

North Carolina has well over 6 million teenagers, according to the recent survey report by for 2018-2019. This is over half of the total population of nearly 10 million in the state. As summer approaches and schools and colleges are out for the next 8 to 10 weeks, teens all over begin to look for a summer job that is enjoyable and pays well too.

North Carolina, also called the Tarheel State, is renowned for its great outdoors. The majestic rolling mountains and swift white rivers that cleave their zigzag way through the dense woods are symbolic to the great state. Apart from the immense adventure sports industry in the state, there is requirements for teens at several store and other indoor jobs as well.

Top summer jobs for teens in North Carolina

Check out the list of the 10 best summer jobs for teenagers in North Carolina:

  1. Backpacking Guide – If you are the outdoorsy type and love the woods then a summer job as a backpacking guide will be exciting and worthwhile at the same time. Apart from extensive experience as a camper, you should have a fishing/hunting license and be skilled in first aid and safety. This is one of the best-paying summer jobs for teenagers in North Carolina.
  2. Whitewater Rafting Guide – Whitewater rafting guide is one of the most thrilling and exciting summer jobs for teens in North Carolina. To become a whitewater rafting guide in North Carolina you should be efficient and experienced in several skills, such as tying complex knots, river signals, ability to read rapids and swift currents in rivers, have efficient wilderness safety and training under your belt apart from being good at first aid.
  3. Article Writer – This is an excellent choice for summer jobs for teens who have a natural flair with words. If you are an A+ student in English then getting a summer job at the local newspaper or magazine can turn your summer more interesting. There are innumerable online publications and websites that are always on the lookout for fresh and new talent to write authentic and attractive articles and blogs. Even starting your own blog and monetizing it with ads from online vendors can help to turn your hobby for writing into earning significant money through the summer.
  4. House Sitter – This is an ideal job for older teens who wish to live at someone else’s house all by themselves. Many folks leave for cooler climates when summer comes knocking in North Carolina and require reliable house sitters. As a house sitter, you will normally be required to do light cleaning and maintenance work around the house as well as take care of the house owner’s pets or plants if need be. This is one of the better paying jobs and usually comes with free food apart from the obvious free boarding.
  5. Baby Sitter – This is one of the most common and oldest summer jobs for teens all across America. Parents often have to work or need some time alone and away from their kids. So a babysitter is an excellent choice where the parents can do their thing knowing that their precious child is being taken care of well. A babysitting session could last anywhere from a couple of hours to several hours at a stretch. Babysitters are normally tasked with feeding, cleaning and taking good care of their charges. It might include engaging them in stories or games inside the house or at a nearby park, etc. The charges for babysitting vary but the basic rates are still considerable as far as payment for summer jobs is concerned.
  6. Transcriptionist – This is one of the best jobs for teens who are good at typing what they hear or read. You might be tasked to transcribe an audio (or audio/video) conversation or even be required to decode handwritten documents. There are numerous online portals that offer large numbers of transcribing assignments. There would be either a bidding or flat-rate system which makes the payment quite significant for a summer job.
  7. Proofreader – Teens with a flair for the semantics and intricacies of a language will find being a proofreader enjoyable and profitable at the same time. If you are expert at grammar and syntax of any language, then you can choose to work as a proofreader. As a proofreader, you are tasked with reading through text to identify any misspellings or grammatical errors in it. There are numerous proofreading companies online who are on the lookout for teens and others to work as proofreaders.
  8. Tutor – Summer time is not vacation time for every one. There are thousands of kids and teens who attend summer school to catch up with better grades or a similar reason. Parents are increasingly demanding expert tutors who can teach their children and help them to excel at the chosen subject. If you have a knack for easily explaining theories or concepts and are expert in one of the many subjects commonly taught at school, then you can choose to become a tutor this summer. It is one of the higher-paying summer jobs for teens in North Carolina today.
  9. YouTuber – YouTube has become huge. It has the largest number of users of any other video-centered website on the web. You must have come across hundreds of youngsters on YouTube, artists and amateurs alike who are making videos about every thing under the sun. Becoming a YouTuber is essentially free because you basically have to upload videos. Make sure to have fresh and engaging content in your videos as this is the main ingredient in becoming a YouTube sensation. There are several different ways you can monetize on this. You can get revenue from on-screen ads and even shout-outs to collaborators for money or fame.
  10. Construction Worker – This might sound like hard work but construction workers are comparatively paid higher than other part time jobs holders. When summer is the season the people of North Carolina prepare for the harsh winter you can expect to see a lot of repairs and maintenance work being done around the town. Construction companies are searching for strong bodied youngsters who can help to build stronger houses.

These are the best summer jobs for teens in North Carolina. These part time jobs for teenagers not only pay significantly but also add to your life experiences substantially.

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