Best Jobs for Teenagers in Montana

Summer time is a great time to hang out with friends and enjoy your vacation. As a teen, you know very well that pizzas and sodas become a daily diet almost. Other than these, you might have your eye on the latest gaming console or the iPad you’ve always wanted. So why not work part time so you can pay your way through summer vacations easily?

Summer time jobs for teenagers are in abundance in Montana. Before you decide whether you want to work at a summer job or not, we recommend you go through this write-up and learn the immense benefits and advantages of having a summer job in Montana as a teenager.

Although there are few opening for teens in professional jobs there are still scores of simpler jobs that teenagers can still do to earn money. Working a part time summer job as a teen helps you to prepare for your future professional life in the best way. There is an increasing concern about newly-graduated employees having decreasing level of skill sets. A survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ Job Outlook 2018 shows that although over 89% of graduates rank themselves as proficient in their profession, the employers suggest that this rate could be as low as 42% only. This pinpoints to an alarming concern that today, graduates are seemingly less prepared to perform well at their chosen profession, mainly due to lack of earlier work experience.

Here, we attempt to explain the reasons for getting a summer job as a teenager and the several top benefits of getting employed at a part time job in summer this year.

Top 10 Reasons Why Teens Should Get Summer Jobs

There are several essential reasons that can compel you to chose to work at a summer job when you are on summer vacation from school. Here is why, as a teen, you need to search for a part time summer job:

1 -Interesting Insight

Teens who have worked at summer jobs have a better knowledge and definite insight into their career aspirations and work habits. Although you might seek a career in a different profession later, working a part time job as a teen gives a distinct edge to the way business is conducted. This eventually helps to identify your strong points and weaker traits for improving yourself.

2 – Gives you Independence

Getting a part time job for summer as a teen will teach you the basics and show you the benefits of earning an income. Often, you part time job may seem difficult or unmanageable but remember that the path to success is wrought with obstacles.

3 – Makes your Resume Impressive

Getting a summer job is an excellent way to earn extra grades and competitive advantage over peers. The number of part time jobs on your resume can help employers realize your ability to work hard and sincerity for doing the job, which are the basic factors that employers seek in interviewees.

4 – Increased Confidence

Summer part time jobs are an effective way to shed your shy shell and improve your social skills through enhanced confidence. With the criticism and commitments that come with any part time job, you as a teenager, will be better prepared through experiences to tackle difficult professional and personal situations in the best way for the future.

5 – Improve Communication Skills

As a teenager, you might feel that it’s next to impossible to communicate with your parents or older family members. However, when you get a part time job for summer as a teen, you come across co-workers/clients on a daily basis and learn the excellent art of effective communication. This essentially helps to build a better rapport with others and makes you an ideal employee too.

6 – Managing your Money

Admittedly, as teens, we are not exactly smart when it comes to managing our money. What little we get as an allowance seems to be used up faster than expected most of the times. Hence, it is essential for teenagers to learn how to manage their money. Having a summer job as a teenager will help you to learn money management in the most effective way. You will soon learn the importance, and the proper way, to manage your income and expenses in the best planned way.

7 – Pay College Tuition

College studies are expensive. The tuition fees, dorm charges and other expenses add to your financial needs even more. So why not get a summer job to ease this burden? A part time summer job can be immensely helpful when you decide to save up to pay your way through college. Use the money you earn for part time jobs as a teen to pay for travel expenses, books, stationery, etc. without getting under increasing student loan debts.

8 – Professional/Personal Management Skills

Teens who have a summer job are definitely more likely to be organized in their personal lives too. A part time job can teach you the best way to manage your work, studies and other commitments efficiently. Having proper professional and personal management skills is inherently responsible for a bright and successful professional career later on in life.

9 – Increase Social Connections

A part time job is an excellent opportunity to work and serve with complete strangers. Today, when most work is done through expert advise and help, it always pays to have a wider social circle. A larger social circle can help you to grab opportunities that would otherwise not have been possible without the right connection. Your part-time job’s network effort can eventually lead to you stepping into greener pastures as far as your professional career is concerned.

10 – Basic Work Experience

Simply getting a college degree is not going to cut if for you today if you are seeking meaningful employment for your career path. Hence, when you resume has significant amount of experiences at part time summer jobs as a teen, it inherently earns you brownie points with any potential employee. The earlier work experience indicates that you are serious about professionalism and responsible with your tasks.

These top 10 reasons clearly show how important and beneficial it is for teenagers to get summer jobs. Part time jobs help you to supplement your allowance, manage your own expenses and prepare you in the best way for a bright and successful profession in your chosen career path.

To guide you further along this path, we have listed the top 5 most common types of summer jobs for teens in Montana.

1. Customer Service Associate

Customer service associates are usually tasked with interacting with customers either over the phone/chat or in person. Customer service associates are also given additional responsibilities at times. Mainly, a customer service associate is responsible for:

  • Keep company database updated with accurate, relevant and updated information for every customer.
  • Work in-sync with sales department for efficient after-care to customers.
  • Analyze and improve customer satisfaction techniques and levels effectively.
  • Improve overall customer care methods for optimal after-sales care.

2. Camp Counselor

Camp counselors have an exciting and interesting job profile. Working with younger kids mostly, as a camp counselor you will be responsible for:

  • Organizing/contributing towards creating a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment for the campers.
  • Ensuring safety regulations are followed in every activity and aspect of the camp.
  • Leading camp members to scheduled events/lessons and supervising the assigned campers efficiently.
  • Being a mentor to youngsters and teaching them skills that are immensely useful in life.

3. Retail Salesperson

Retail salesperson is one of the most popular and thriving summer time jobs choices for teenagers in Montana. Numerous high-end and smaller stores are looking for enthusiastic and charismatic teenagers who are excellent at communication and sales.

As a retail salesperson some of the major responsibilities you might have to handle include:

  • Greeting customers and assisting them in selecting their desired products.
  • Answering customer queries efficiently through sufficient know-how of the specific industry you are serving in.
  • Completing sales transactions by accepting payments from customers.
  • Stocking/re-stocking display or shelves in the store.

4. Food Service Worker

Food service worker is excellent summer time job for those who like to interact with new people and serve with a smile. Food service industry is immense and includes numerous tasks that makes a successful and popular eatery.

As a food service worker, some of your top responsibilities might include:

  • Preparing and/or serving food and beverages at coffee shops, restaurants and eateries.
  • Organizing kitchen/serving utensils and equipment for smooth operations.
  • Cleaning and maintaining cooking and other utensils and equipment.
  • Perform cashier duty if required.

5. Intern

Internship is another excellent choice for summer job, especially if you are seeking to improve your knowledge in your chosen field of study. Internship is training-on-job that can help you determine which is the best-suited industry for your career.

Interns are responsible for performing basic tasks, which differ from industry to industry. However, interns get excellent exposure to the operation and responsibilities within an organization. This helps to improve the essential skills and hone your talent for a stable step to a career after graduation.


These, and many similar other summer jobs, have been effective in helping tens of thousands of American teens in becoming responsible and successful adults. Hard work and the right experience can help achieve the American dream.

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