Best Jobs for Teenagers in Kansas

Summer is here and now you are wondering what you should do in the next couple of months. Being a teenager in Kansas, you can probably choose to go a small lake near your house and spend the hot days chilling with your buddies. On the other hand, you can choose to spend these months wisely by learning and earning at the same time.

Summer jobs for teenagers have several advantages and become a source to earn significant money over a few months. Any one of the numerous types of summer jobs can become your calling for career in the future so counselors advise to consider several factors before selecting the industry and applying for a summer job.

How to choose the best summer job as a teen in Kansas?

It becomes extremely simple to choose the best-suite job for teenagers in Kansas when you consider these points before making the choice:

1. Can you reach your work easily?

Getting to and back from your summer job need not take most of your time. It’s simply not worth traveling two or more hours to work at a summer job as a teen. So choose a summer job which is relatively closer for you and you do not have to worry about being on time everyday.

2. Can you work the shift on offer?

More often, teenagers have chores, errands or other similar commitments. So it makes sense to choose a job with a shift that fits your schedule. Although summer jobs are quite important for many teens, it does not mean that these should delay or stop you from performing your other responsibilities on time.

3. Can you do the job?

Make sure that you are well-qualified to do the job. It is best to check the experience criteria for the job requirement before applying to save your and your interviewees time. There are jobs that require special skills and experience so make sure to check that you fit the requirements before applying for any summer job.

4. Will you want to do the job?

This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself before applying for a summer job. If you imagine that the particular job profile is inclined with your own passions, hobbies, interests or future career prospects, then such a summer job will be fun to do and you will probably do it better than others with enough experience under your hat.

Now that you know HOW to choose a job, here’s a list of the top-paying and best jobs for teenagers in Kansas today.

Best Paying Jobs for Teenagers in Kansas

Our counselors and experts reported these 5 top paying summer jobs for teenagers, that can earn you between $2000 to $5000 over 8 to 10 weeks of work.

Check out the highest paying and best jobs for teens in Kansas currently:


There is immense need for quality tutoring for children, especially those who go to summer school. The rate of pay reflects the huge demand for efficient and effective private tutors, notably those who can help kids that are preparing for SATs or catching up with school work in summer.

The two months of summer are vital to excel for such students and there is increasing rise in demand in the state. As a tutor, you can earn an hourly pay of as much as $30 to $40. However, the national average rate for private tutoring, which is $20 per hour is certainly one of the higher paying summer jobs for teens.

Youth Sports Referee

This is one of the best summer jobs for teens who are athletic and love sports. Although this particular job may require you to be certified this can easily be solved by attending a day-long program and gaining the entry-level certificate. American kids are known to play outdoor sports in summer more than ever so the demand for youth sports referee is increasing every year.

Teens who become youth sports referee as part of their summer jobs in Kansas can expect to be paid substantially. The pay for apprentice-level sport referees are anywhere between $25 to $40 and even more depending on the location and event.

Golf Caddy

This is another excellent choice for summer jobs for teens who love the outdoors. Why not spend your time on the vast green golf court and earn at the same time. Your local country club are always looking for young and enthusiastic teenagers with a love for golf to become golf caddies at the link.

As a golf caddy, you will need to carry 2 golf bags and attend to your assigned golfer for the “loop” (18 hole round). An 18 hole game normally takes around 4 hours to get over and the tips are enormous at times.

Normally, as a golf caddy your hourly pay will be anywhere between $20 to $30, or around $100 to $120 for a game. At times, the considerable tips for excellent caddying can double or even triple your hourly rate at exclusive country clubs.


Babysitting is recommended for teen girls. Babysitting or being part time nanny is an excellent choice for summer job for teen girls in Kansas who are naturally inclined to like babies and kids. Today, when most household have both parents working, the demand for reliable and efficient babysitter increases remarkably.

Taking the standard Red Cross safety course and liking kids can get you an excellent job as a babysitter or nanny in Kansas. You might not be ready to become a full time nanny, but if you are inclined towards it as a career choice, or even if you want to do a comfortable job that requires you mostly to stay indoors and care for children, then a part time babysitting job is ideal for you as a teen girl in Kansas.

On an average, as a babysitter, you can earn between $11 and $14 easily.

Construction Worker

Most teens don’t even think about this option but it is seriously one of the highest paying summer jobs in Kansas today. You only need to be over 16 and require no special certification/qualification to work as a part-time construction worker.

With the right company and opportunity as a construction worker on your summer job you can earn a pay of as much as $15 to $20 which makes it worth the hard physical work.


Choose one from these top paying and best summer jobs for teens in Kansas so you can earn and learn this summer vacation.

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