Best Jobs for Teenagers in Alaska

Summer jobs are excellent to supplement your allowance. Being in the teens, we have increasing expenses. Hanging out with friends, going on a trip or vacation, or simply saving for college, there are numerous reasons that help prove how essential summer jobs can be. Alaska, being one of the more remote parts of the US has significant population of teenagers and college students. As summer vacations start there are scores of well-paying and interesting job openings for teenagers in Alaska.

Here, we have listed the 6 best jobs for teenagers in Alaska along with their specific responsibilities and estimated pay.

1. Salesperson

A salesperson has probably one of the most diverse and exciting career path. Teens who have self confidence and a knack for convincing others in a smooth manner are considered excellent candidates for being successful salespersons.

As a salesperson, your work may include:

  • Taking inventory of stock
  • Stocking/Re-stocking display shelves
  • Giving product demonstrations
  • Handing out free product samples
  • Cashier
  • Customer service representative

The pay for a salesperson can range between $11 to $13 per hour and is determined by the type of responsibilities they have to handle at work.

2. Lifeguard

If you are the athletic type and are an experienced swimmer, then you can choose to become a lifeguard at any of the several popular beaches in Alaska or even at your local swimming pool and theme park. This is a job with the most responsibility perhaps. You will be required to get certified with a training as a lifeguard. This is a job to teens over 15 years of age and requires immense professionalism and sense of responsibility in the candidate.

As a lifeguard, your work may include:

  • Supervising activity at aquatic sites
  • Providing swimming lessons
  • Explaining and enforcing rules and regulations at all times
  • Monitoring assigned areas for signs of danger
  • Maintaining order in the assigned area

As a teen lifeguard in summer, you can effectively earn anywhere between $9 to $10 per hour.

3. Nanny

This position is exclusively for teen girls. If you are good with infants and kids and are able to take care of them so that the parents can work or spend time together, then this is an excellent type of summer job for you. You should be able to create a healthy and nurturing environment for the child for their best growth.

Some of the top responsibilities of a nanny include:

  • Supervising children at home/outdoors
  • Bathing babies
  • Changing diapers
  • Dressing children appropriately
  • Preparing food for babies/meals for older children
  • Feeding babies/supervising children’s meals
  • Co-ordinate and schedule children’s activities
  • Transporting/supervising children at activities
  • Helping with homework
  • Reading to kids
  • Light housework
  • Running small errands

As a nanny you can expect pay between $10 to $15 an hour.

4. Housekeeper

This might seem like a contradiction but there are teens who are well-organized and love efficiency in their lives. A summer job as a housekeeper is an excellent choice for such teens, boys and girls alike. This is one of the more diverse part time job options for teens as you may be required to do housekeeping at a home or even at corporate locations. With the summer reaching its peak there is a huge influx of tourists and small and large hotels in Alaska are looking for responsible young boys and girls to make their stay comfortable and memorable with excellent housekeeping abilities.

As part of the housekeeping staff, you may be required to:

  • Sweep, mop, scrub or polish the floors
  • Vacuum carpets, drapes, curtains and rugs
  • Wash drapes, upholstery and carpets with shampoo
  • Empty/replace trash bins
  • Clean the bathroom
  • Wash glass surfaces, mirrors and windows
  • Make beds
  • Fold and store linen
  • Maintain cleaning equipment in useful work condition

As a housekeeper, you can expect to be paid around $10 an hour which is a significant amount of money.

5. Gardener

If you love to tend gardens then working as a gardener in the summer for part time can introduce you to the best-suited career path. Becoming a gardener is recommended for teens who love to stay outdoors. Alaska, with its breathtaking flora has some of the most scenic landscapes. You get opportunities to plant saplings and watch them grow stronger every day as you nurture them with care. Allow your creative flair to let loose and give unique and attractive designs and shapes to hedges and bushes. Being a gardener for summer is an excellent choice for a part time job.

Some of the responsibilities that you will need to handle as a gardener are:

  • Grow and maintain garden according to employer’s requirements and desire
  • Basic maintenance activities including trimming grass, emptying bins, leaf raking and weed control
  • Plant various new flowers, plants and trees and nurture them with proper upkeep
  • Efficiency with using hand tools and small power-driven gardening/landscaping tools
  • Maintain and service garden equipment and machinery regularly
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the garden/lawn
  • Give advise or assistance in matters relating to upkeep or upgrading the employer’s garden
  • Manage deals with proper documentation and receipts for optimal professionalism

The pay rates for working as a gardener for a summer job is $7 to $10 per hour.

6. Tutor

Tutoring comes naturally to teens who love learning and spreading their knowledge around. If you are good in academia then why not tutor some youngsters this summer? If you have aspirations to become an instructor or teacher in the future then becoming a part-time tutor in Alaska can add immensely to your overall practical experience. There are numerous kids in the state who need to attend summer school for one reason or the other. Parents of such kids are often in need to tutors who can teach their child effectively. You can choose to tutor in your strong subjects, be it language, science, math or any other.

Your responsibilities as a tutor may include:

  • Supervising homework completion of the child
  • Organizing their study schedule for better effect
  • Helping students learn tough concepts/topics in an easy and relatable way
  • Assisting students with tips and tricks to learn hard topics

When you choose to be a tutor for your summer job, you can expect to be paid anywhere between $8 and upwards, depending on individual situations.


Hopefully, one of these summer jobs for teens is ideal for you as a teenager in Alaska. So spend this summer working to earn your own money and take another step towards becoming a responsible adult.


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