Top Interview Tips

Are you trying to prepare for your first job interview? Are you looking to switch jobs and searching for tips to ace the upcoming interview for that new job? Do job interviews make you nervous? Then these excellent tricks and tips will help you immensely.

Here, you will learn the best way to prepare for a job interview and how you can succeed at it and finally get your desired job.

Top 10 Tips to Ace an Interview

These are the 10 best tips to ace your interview and land that dream job successfully:

1 Do Your Research

When you do your research into the company and their products you will be well-versed in their industry. This is an extremely advantageous point to score in your interview. When the interviewers realize that you have taken the effort to learn more about the company, then it reflects positively in your favor during the interview. It is also advisable to try the company’s product first-hand before facing the interview. This will give you an additional point to talk about during the interview.

2 Highlight Your USPs

Companies are looking for certain qualities in a candidate, besides experience and skills, when interviewing them for a job position. It is better to prepare a list of 3 to 5 unique personality  aspects that you have. Always follow it with an example of how that particular personality feature helped in real-life situations.

3 Review Your Reasons

Prepare in advance for the moment when you will be asked the reason you wish to join the company or get the particular job. This is a common question that gives an excellent opportunity to you to “sell” yourself. Talk about the more interesting and unique aspects of the job profile on offer, detail the rewards you expect from the job and highlighting the abilities which make you perfect for the job help immensely in succeeding at interviews.

4 Predict any Problems

Problems in an interview can occur when interviewers ask questions about your weak points or lack of certain skill-set. This is one of the common ways for interviewers to filter and short-list candidates before making their final selection. Prepare natural and persuasive answers to counter the concern by highlighting one of your USPs that can sufficiently clear the obstacle in your way to getting the job.

5 Ready Your Response

Every job interview has several common questions. Irrespective of the industry or market you are becoming a part of, there are typical questions that interviewees need to answer. You can find a large list of such commonly-asked questions for job interviews online. Although not all of the hundreds of questions can be prepared for you can whittle down the list by selecting the questions that are relevant to your situation, industry or market. This helps to flow through the questions with ease and displays immense confidence during the interview.

6 Consider Your Queries

Interviewers today always ask candidates if they have any questions for them, mostly at the end of the interview. Now, many of us simply say no and get out of the room. However, it is important to be confident and get your queries resolved too. You may have queries regarding the details of the job profile, the shift times, the pay scale, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask genuine questions as these will be answered enthusiastically by the interviewers. This puts your mind at ease and shows self-confidence and seriousness about the offered job.

7 Respond with Confidence

When preparing for an interview you should practice answering the potential questions out loud. Initially, your response might sound hesitant or scattered but with practice comes ease of speech. However, once you repeat your answer out loud multiple times, then you will notice a remarkable boost in confidence and speech. You can simply ask a family member or friend to act as the interviewer for practice and attempt to answer their questions the way you practiced them. This will get you feedback from a common perspective and help to improve your confidence even more.

8 Score Points Swiftly

The first five minutes is mostly all it takes for interviewers to make their decision about any candidate, according to several research studies. The rest of the interview is spent in trying to support their decision. Hence, it is vital for you as a candidate to score swiftly in the interview. Start off with your natural energy and enthusiasm. Be appreciative of the opportunity you have been given for the interview. Beginning with a positive comment about the company can work wonders to score points with interviewers fast. Try to keep it natural and don’t go over-board.

9 Reach Common Grounds

An interview is much like a game of tug-of-war. Here too, the interviewer views the candidate as someone who is trying to wrestle a better offer out of the job while the interviewer are trying to keep the benefits within the level of job profiles. It is a common trait but need not become an obstacle for you. You need to transform this tug-of-war into a playful game of catch. Commenting positively about the interview opportunity and your enthusiasm to do the job efficiently works wonders to make the interviewer more friendly and on-board.

10 Promote Only Positivity

Interviewers can ask a host of questions that might touch a nerve or relate to something you dislike. These could be completely normal and legal questions, like asking you about the course or previous job which you disliked the most or something along these lines. It is highly-advised not to dwell too much on such topics. Keep your responses short and point out the positive aspects of a negative situation. This assures the interviewer of your willingness to go the extra mile to get the job done and scores an immense plus point for you in the interview.

Experts advise to practice your responses and be prepared to answer negative questions with positive answers. Try to follow these 10 top interview tips step-wise as they can help you to glide smoothly through your next job interview.

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