Data Recovery

Damaged hard drive?  STOP!
Don't make it worse!
Trust your hard drive to Data Recovery professionals!

It can happen at any moment without any advance notice. You sit down at your computer and turn it on, only to be met with a message stating that "no bootable device was found". You restart the machine only to be met with the same message. It's then that panic sets in. All your digital photographs, documents, and music that you spent hours converting into mp3 files, gone. Not necessarily.....

With Amp'd PC's Data Recovery Service, we can reclaim your files from your dead drive and restore them to a new one once the operating system has been installed. Unfortunately, due to the possibility of data corruption, we cannot guarantee that all files will be recovered.

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Apple Mac Data Recovery Service

Hard drive failure does not discriminate based upon the manufacturer. And neither do we.

The hard drives used in Mac machines are no different than any other manufacturer. The only difference is in the file system used. Our technicians are trained to recover data from HSA and HSA+, the two file systems utilized in Mac machines.